Monday, May 30, 2016

Business Link Con Letter from Elizabeth Meifung Lee

Business Link Con Letter from Elizabeth Meifung Lee



I have a financial proposal for you. 

Kindly reply to indicate your interest. 

Have a great day

Email Con Letter from David

Email Con Letter from David

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Email Con Letter from Person Posing as Sir Michael Harris

Email Con Letter from Person Posing as Sir Michael Harris


I am Sir Michael Harris, age 71 Husband of Late Mrs. Esther Harris we are
both British Citizen. We were married for twenty-nine years without a

I have been diagnosed with Blood disease which has resulted into stroke.

Before my wife died, it is our last wish to ensure that this money is
distributed to the motherless homes and charity across World. It is for
this reason I humbly request you to help me Stand and to donate from what
I have made from this World to charity through you for the good work of
humanity. Please email me with your contact information such as Your Full
Names, Address, Direct Telephone numbers and occupation so I can tell you
what you need to do and also give you more details about myself and the
charity funds.

God Bless You

Sir Michael Harris

Email Con Letter from MR. PAUL HOWARD (Money Gram)



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Email Con Letter from Person Posing as PayPal

Email Con Letter from Person Posing as PayPal

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Email Con Letter from Person Posing as Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu

Email Con Letter from Person Posing as Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu 

Respond Urgently

Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu

Attn Beneficiary,

Following the recent broadcast of the president and the commander in chief of armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria during the visit to the America President Barack Obama, his speech to the united nation, couple with recommendation and resolution of his last visit to South Africa, British, France and the UNGA United Nations General Assembly in New York), a total sum of $2.8 Billion has been mapped out by the SENATE to settle all outstanding foreign debts owned to contractor this year. It has therefore become imperative for us to explore our options for reducing our debt servicing policy to affordable and sustainable levels. On the order of the president as a mark of his reconciliation and image laundering exercise toward sanitizing the battered image of the federal republic of Nigeria abroad.

I am Ibrahim Mustafa Magu Acting Chairman, Chairman Economic and Financial Crime Commission, a committee set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the able President. The purpose of the committee among other is to investigate, verify and settle all outstanding debts owed to foreign contractors whose payment is overdue. During the last military dictatorship , many abnormalities had happened in the Central Bank of Nigeria where some top official of the apex Bank collaborate with imposters and abandon our contractor half way with levies and taxes.

Consequently, we received a directive from the office of the president, ordering the above office to settle all genuine contractors whose debts has been outstanding for a long time now. These are those who has shown sufficient proof regarding the release of their fund, And we wish to inform you that in our record here, you have fulfilled such conditions.

But the reasons why your own Transfer has to be delayed is because, there is presently a counter claims on your funds by one Mr. Peter Woo, who is presently trying to make us believe that you entered into an agreement with him, to help you in receiving your fund, in his bank account in United States. So here comes the big question. Did you sign any Assignment in favor of Mr. Peter Woo, thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details:-


If you did not sign, nor authorize Mr. Peter Woo to receive your payment on your behalf, kindly reconfirm to us, your genuine bank account details, to avoid making payment to a wrong person, attempt to divert your payment to a new account without your knowledge may have been done by your local representative with the assistance of some (CBN) Officials, of whom most of them are presently under our custody and will face prosecution under section 35A sub section 1-2-4 of the criminal code of Nigeria, pending on when we finish with our investigation. This office is glad to inform you that your payment shall be made as soon as this information needed from you is submitted, either by telegraphic transfer or by international Certified Bank Draft. We are sorry to inform you that the Federal Government of Nigeria had made it clear to all foreign contractors whose payment is overdue, to be paid immediately hence all the modality relating to the release of your contract fund had been c!
 ompleted. You are advised to stop 

This office supersedes every other department in the CBN and is thus responsible for the final payment. The consequences of not heeding to this warning would be yours. Please forward you re banking particulars and contract sum to this office immediately for action.

Considering the circumstances at hand, you are advice not to accept any fax or telephone calls that does not come from this office. Call me immediately you receive this message for more information.

Best regards,

Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu 
Acting Chairman
Economic and Financial Crime Commission

Email Con Letter from Mr Dennis Jefferson

Email Con Letter from Mr Dennis Jefferson

'God Bless You.

I am Dennis Jefferson, i was born on February 9, 1956. I am a 59-years-old widower. Following my ill health, I have just been informed by my doctor that I only have few months to live due to cancer illness and I am about to end the race like this without a child. I decided to donate £8 Million Pounds to you to promote charity works, please reply me for more details on this noble project of mine.